Resources on the Web

Special thanks to Simon Cotterill, Research Associate, Children's Cancer Unit, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, for compiling these links.

Selected Ewing's Sarcoma Sites

Cancer Specific Indexes

  • Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR) This site contains CancerNet, archives of the medinfo cancer mailing lists, and patient oriented web pages.
  • Cancer 411 - Cancer Library and Resource (California, USA) A site by The Rory Foundation, a non-profit organisation aimning to provide a comprehensive website library. The site includes information/links about specific cancers and Rory Foundation newsletter.
  • Cancer FAQ Includes a list of cancer sites.
  • Cancer Links (Medicine Online)
  • CancerLinks (University of Kansas, USA) a large list of cancer related links sorted by disease type. Produced by Daniel McBride.
  • Cancerlinks Search Website A directory of links to information about many types of cancer and related treatment and psychosocial topics. The site was created by Alexandra Andrews and went online in December 1998.
  • CancerNews on the Net An internet publication for cancer patients and their families, with many links plus feature articles on various forms of cancer. Editor: Richard Brown MD.
  • GALAXY (Section on Cancer) (USA)
  • Mayo Health O@sis (Mayo Clinic, USA) This site includes information on a wide range of medical conditions. "Cancer Resource Center" has information about finding support groups, reference articles, "Ask the Mayo Physician",quizzes, and links to other sites
  • Medscape (USA) Articles / resources - requires (free) registration
  • Pleural Mesothelioma (Comprehensive information about Pleural Mesothelioma)
  • Searching CancerNet (CancerNet - University of Bonn)

General Medical Indexes

  • Health A to Z a search engine for health and medicine
  • Health Finder (TM) (USA) a gateway to selected consumer health and human services information web sites from the US Government. The site includes clearinghouses, databases, web sites, government agencies, non-profit organisations etc. judged to produce reliable info.
  • MedExplorer (USA) a free medical/health related search engine with no membership or registration requirements. The site is primarily for healthcare professionals.
  • Health Central
  • Medicine Online (USA) Cancer related resources - by GlaxoWelcome an international pharmaceutical company.
  • MedicineNet "A Free Medical Resource" Diseases / Medical Dictionary / News and many other features
  • Medscape Commercial site for health professionals. Requires free registration. Includes full text articles, free access to MEDLINE, TOXLINE, and AIDSLINE databases. There is an oncology section.
  • OMNI Medical Information Directory (UK) See the section on neoplasms. OMNI aims to provide a directory of links to quality reviewed medical sites.
  • The World-Wide WebVirtual Library: Bioscience Resources on the Internet
  • Yahoo -Health


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